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There is nothing new in fitness.  There is no magic pill,
no fad, no machine, no trainer, no gym, no vitamin that
will get you ripped. Its simply a matter of eating right,
six out of seven days a week, cutting down on booze,
cutting out fast food, getting your ass to the gym or your
trainer to work out.  It's dedication, learning,
failing your
way to success.
 It's only through nutritional and physical
failure - falling off the wagon, soreness, sweating your
butt off, that you learn, grow and succeed.  To burn body-
fat and build lean muscle
you must eat right six out of
seven days a week
.  Period.  Most people simply can't do
it; a large number quit.
Very few make it. If you adhere
to my training system, I'll help you build the type of body
you have always wanted.  
You must sacrifice to reach
your fitness goals.
 There is simply no other way around
it.  Stick to it, don't quit, you'll make it.  

Michael W. (Mick) Stewart PFT BSTI
Photo left:  Galveston, TX, June 2014 age 48.